David Tate Tacoma Extra Wide Shaft – A Comfortable and Stylish Boot

A wide calf boot is actually an obligated item for every woman’s closets. Some of the women tend to avoid boots because of the discomfort issues and they just give up. If you’re one of those people, then you shouldn’t give up as today boot manufacturers have improved their products. One of them is the David Tate Tacoma Extra Wide Shaft boot. Once you get this boot, you’ll know that discomfort issues are just a myth now.

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The Tacoma boot is featured with breathable leather uppers and they’re incredibly smoothly manufactured. This feature will certainly overcome several discomfort issues due to sweat and smell. Furthermore, there is a big chance that this boot can comfortably be worn in the summer. In this way, maintain your fashion statement through seasonal cycle. It’s true that some materials can be a problem for a different season, they also become obstacles for some fashion preferences.

The David Tate company smartly put the corset-style rear panel. The corset-style tide was actually a problem as former manufacturer put it on the quarter instead of the counter. The elastics are applied to the rear panel to ensure the comfortable fit. David Tate Tacoma turns the problem into a solution, now you can easily wear this boot. These features once again enhance the comfort and style. Don’t judge it so fast, you wouldn’t have to go through corset-process all the time, they actually have a zipper.

This wide shaft boot still applies the casual full-length medial zipper that’s designed to be easily opened and closed. Once you get a proper setting through the corset-style rear panel, you can still maintain the default as you use the side zipper to take off and on. David Tate also applies soft fabric linings and cushioned foot beds, make them more breathable and comfortable. This will certainly decrease any cramp or pain while wearing this boot. Another miscellaneous feature of the David Tate Tacoma is the durable man-made outsole, it’s just amazing.

The style itself is miscellaneous, the maintain elegance and casual appearance. The manufacturer decides to maintain plain surface in the outer but makes a clear separation between quarter and counter, it’s actually mind-blowing. This decision is very wise based on my perspective as they can put the zipper on the inner side and apply the corset style for the panel. It becomes more stylish and elegance without looking excessive, what a good job.

It’s a 17” shaft boot based on average size 9. As mentioned above, the fitting feature is remarkable. So, you wouldn’t have to worry about any oversize issue, just order your actual size. The name of this footwear perfectly represents the quality, extra wide shaft. Don’t be bothered even though you’re overweight, the boot is adjustable to your actual calf size. They ‘re available in in two colors: Black and Brown.

David Tate Tacoma Extra Shaft boot give you bunch of reason to not give up on wearing boots. It provides solutions for most boot wearing issues including comfort and style. What are you waiting for? Order a pair for your closet.

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