David Tate Branson Extra Wide Shaft – Solid & Beautiful!


Spice up your shoe collection with a pair of David Tate Branson Wide shaft boots. These tall calf high boots extend up the leg about sixteen inches, and are an excellent option for outfits of all styles. Available in black, you can choose the right tall boot for your wardrobe and you are sure to fall in love with these David Tate Branson boots the moment you put your feet into them.

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Unfortunately the fashion market plays up on women’s desire to be stick thin, have tiny legs, and wear sexy clothes – but that’s not the real world is it? Real women actually have a bit of meat on them, and while they may not be a size zero, or have the smallest calves, they can still look incredibly sexy in a multitude of styles. This is why owning a pair of Branson Wide shaft boots is essential.

These boots look phenomenal with so many outfits, and the buckle accent by the bottom gives it a simple yet sassy appearance. As soon as you slip on a pair of these boots, whether it is over a pair of jeans, or simply bare legs, you will fall in love with them. The lining on these boots, even with the zipper up the side, is very comfortable so you don’t have to worry about irritation during a long day wearing them. Additionally the sole of the foot has a thick cushion which will pad your feet and absorb the shock from each step making it akin to walking on clouds in these boots!

With shoe sizes available from size 4-13, and width sizes from M-WW, women of all sizes with wide calves will find that these shoes are the perfect fit!

The Branson boot give you bunch of reason to not give up on wearing boots. It provides solutions for most boot wearing issues including comfort and style. What are you waiting for? Order a pair for your closet.

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