Frye Paige Tall Riding – Wide Calf Boots For Fuller Calves

Frye Wide Calf Boots Paige Tall
Riding boots are the most appropriate footwear that you should wear when you would ride on a horse. You can also these boots in other occasions like regular days, family outings, and even semiformal occasions. If you are looking for a perfect riding boots, you should check out the Frye Paige Tall Riding boot. Frye has created another high fashion boot that is not only fashionable but also functional. Paige Tall Riding offer a whole new package when it comes to riding boots.

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You will love the heel that measures around 3/4 inches. You can also choose different sizes starting from size 5.5 up to size 11. The shaft height measures around 16 inches from the arch. The boot opening also measures around 16 inches. Materials used for this boot upper includes various leathers depending of color choice, a smooth leather lining, and also a leather outsole. The different colors to choose from are:

  • Black Calf Leather
  • Cognac Calf Shine
  • Whiskey Vintage Veg Tan
  • Dark Brown Burnished
  • Dark Brown Calf
  • Grey Vintage Veg Tan
  • Saddle Burnished Antique
  • Grey Burnished Antique
  • Tan Burnished Antique

You can never go wrong with Frye Paige Tall. It has lived up to its reputation of releasing comfort and appealing looks. This is because of the choice of materials used for their boots. Grab your opportunity and get one now.

No matter in any situation you find yourself at, a person is already used to having or wearing something for the protection of his or her foot. Basically there is no such versatile footwear than those of a ladies fashion boot. Come to think with it that even an activity of riding a horse, certain woman riding boots must be of good appearance and with must have that superb fashion style. It turns out that women and boots are already compliments in the society now a days. Which for most men think doesn’t have to be as important as that of a lady thinks it is.

Paige Tall Riding Boot
Boots has come to conquer every woman’s activities, in terms of wither she is on a practical situation or a casual one. As well as those situations where she really needs to have that eloquent dressed up situation such as meetings and formal events and also those of a date or party with friends and even outdoor activities. Boots has never been wrong when it comes to a woman’s fashion. This certain footwear has showcased the market of multiple and a variety of style and material. One of it are the frye wide calf riding boots, catering those woman who are into horse riding which is very adventurous in nature. Such boots have come to use certain materials which are very important like the leather and suede. This gives every boot that unique material and appearance.

However, one must be reminded to have those boots that gives a perfect fit to that leg or you might see yourself at the situation of certain uneasiness of being uncomfortable. Be guided that every style and pair of boots comes with certain personality projection. Like with the riding boots that a lady would be wearing. This gives the crowd a perspective and glance to a lady of having a powerful and adventurous personality, either having that elegant or playful style of you. Frye riding boots are of great appearance whether you are riding with a horse or just simply walking around the place.

A woman who has a sense of style will wear a pair of fuller calves to match a pair of jeans. Choosing which one to go for is very important. In this way, there will be no regrets in the future. Who knows, you will be wearing the same pair for the years to come and they still look good on you. Poorly fitting ridding boots or any other kinds of frye boots for wide calves will surely ruin your outfit. No matter how good looking they are in the box for you simply just don’t look at the boots that you are buying, it has a purpose of being used eventually.

This is the reason why a beautiful and well-paired wide calf riding boots should be acquired, which will surely flatter those body parts, showcasing beauty with those legs creating a look that you will surely love and be proud of towards the crowd and oneself. Pick the right one and have the right one.

Other Wide Calf Frye Boots Styles:

Frye Jane 14L Stitch
Click the image to view the Frye Jane 14L boot

Frye Jane 14L Stitch Extended <-Click Here
Circumference: 16 inches (Size 8 M)
Heel Height: 1⁄2 iinches
Colors: Black Smooth Grain
Price: $347.95

Frye Melissa Button Boot
Click the image to view the Frye Melissa Button boot

Frye Melissa Button Boot Extended <-Click Here
Circumference: 15 1⁄4 inches (Size 8 M)
Heel Height: 1 inches
Colors: Black, Bordeaux, Chocolate, Cognac, Dark Brown Soft Vintage Leather
Price: $367.95

Dr Schools Confess
Click the image to view Dr Scholls Confess

Dr Scholls Confess - Wide Calf Riding Boot <-Click Here
Circumference: 17 inches (Size 8 M)
Widths: M
Heel Height: 3/4 inches
Colors: Black, Dark Brown
Price: $105.00

Frye Jenna Studded Tall
Click the image to view the Frye Jenna Studded Tall boot

Frye Jenna Studded Tall <-Click Here
Circumference: 16 1⁄2 inches (Size 9 M)
Heel Height: 1 inches
Colors: Cognac, Dark Brown, Black
Price: $387.95




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