Choose The Right Boots For Your Body Type

It is important for all women to know how to go about buying boots that will compliment and flatter their bodies. There are a lot of different body shapes and the type of boots that a woman buys should feel and look good on them. Since there is such a variety of boots to choose from, it will be necessary for women who want to look and feel their best to select a pair that will provide them with a way to walk around in style, wherever they go.

Body Types

Women have all different types of bodies and it will certainly be a good idea to know which kind of boots will look best on you. The clothes you wear, including accessories like boots, should accentuate your legs and body as a whole, which is why it is so important to base your purchases on what kind of body you have.

Short and Petite: High-heel stilettos or platform boots will give you some additional and much-needed length. Ankle and calf length boots also looks great with this body type, especially when combined with a dress or skirt.

Hourglass: Sturdy boots with a medium heel. If you want to show off your bosom and hips, you will want to look for boots with a cone heel to keep their feet on the ground and balance out those curves.

Pear-Shaped: Knee-high boots are best, as they will make your legs appear more slender. These boots will make your legs seem longer and slimmer at the same time.

Tall and Thin: Pretty much any length boot is acceptable, including calf-length, knee-length, and ankle.

Types of Boots

It is of course important that you get the right type of boots to compliment your legs and tie your outfits together for an extremely stylish overall appearance.

Ankle, Calf High And Knee High Boots

Ankle Length Boots: One of the best things about ankle boots is that they can be worn with many different types of outfits, including skirts, dresses, leggings, and jeans. These boots give off the appearance of longer legs, which is something that shorter women will absolutely adore. The fact is that ankle length boots will compliment almost any woman, so they are highly versatile.
Ankle Boots
Calf Length Boots: These boots are well-suited to both tall and thin women as well as those who are short and thin. Calf length boots will definitely thicken up the legs and provide some supplementary curves for women who feel as though they are lacking in that department. Women who want to appear a bit taller will certainly be able to benefit from these boots.
Calf Lenght Boots
Knee-High Boots: Women who want to show off their curvaceous bodies will definitely find that knee-high boots are the perfect accessory to do just that. These boots are ideal for women who have a pear-shaped body and should be worn with a knee-high dress or skirt for maximum effect. Any woman who enjoys a classic yet modern look will find that these are a great investment to make.
Knee-High Boots

Finding the right Fit

When shopping for boots online it is extremely important to pay particularly close attention to the size of boots in terms of the shaft length and circumference. The circumference of the boot will provide you with the information you need to determine whether or not your legs will fit comfortably in them and the shaft length will also be important because it will give you a good indication as to whether or not the boots will compliment your legs and body type as a whole.

Selecting the right Heel
It is also very important to look at the heel of the boots you buy so you can decide whether or not it is what you need/want. Some important things to remember about heels include:•

  • Stacked heels are better for women with curvy hips and calves
  • Cone heels can be worn by women of many different shapes and sizes
  • Kitten heels look best on women who have smaller feet
  • Wedge heels should be worn by women with slimmer figures as well as curvy shapes
  • Stiletto heels compliment women who have slim calves and ankles

Women who are on the hunt for a new pair of boots will definitely need to keep all of these tips in mind, because they are very important when it comes to looking good and feeling comfortable. The right pair of boots can really tie an outfit together, but only if they are carefully chosen by a woman who knows what she looks best in.

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