Rockport Copley Tall Wide Calf – Express Yourself With These Waterproof Boots

Rockport Copley

If there is one brand of shoes that make the wearer stand out it would be Rockport. By the name alone, you would be intrigued as to what this brand has to offer to people like you and me. The truth of the matter is every person who loves to highlight their individuality and not bothered with wearing what everyone’s wearing will love Rockport. They have a wide array of shoes, which is perfect for women who are at the prime of their lives even those younger ones as well.

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What makes Rockport stand out from the rest is that every pair of shoes has been spend countless hours poring over every detail. This is quite far from what other shoe brands have to offer. If you do happen to have wide calves and love to wear a pair of boots which will make you look super cool when wearing one, introducing – the Copley boots. Yes, these are the kind of boots you want to wear. They offer style, comfort and support.. What more can you ask for?

Are you intrigued about what a pair of Copley boots look like and its features? Well, here are few things to awaken your senses. For one, they are great to be worn when you are out there and would want to have a piece of adventure. It never ceases to give you that cool look which not every pair of boots has to offer.

As for its design and style, well, it has a full length side zipper, the textile lining keeps feet soft and breathable and the upper has premium full grain leather, has a plus accent stitching and a side buckle, leawood-wrapped heel and it has a footbed with foam cushioned and microsuede. You can pick one out of the following colors: black, cream and tan. Sizes available range from 6-10.

Now that you have an idea as to what to expect from these boots, the next thing you should consider is what pieces inside your wardrobe to match them with. For a good start, you can wear skinny jeans or leggings and just pull these boots right up put on a cool short. You can even show off a bit of your individuality through wearing some accessories you designed on your own. Copley Wide Calf Boot

Companies that manufacturer boots; seem to forget that not everybody has the same size legs. People who have larger leg muscles have a very hard time finding a comfortable boot to fit the size of their calves and feet. Weight lifters, bike riders, even heavier people all have this problem. They don’t purchase boots because they can’t get them to fit right.

Today’s manufacturers have come to realize that in order to sell more boots, they have to make their boots fit more people. In order to fit more people, they will have to produce a boot that fits bigger calves. It is not only the larger men and women who can’t wear most boots, it also the weight lifters, the people who exercise and firm up their calves to name a few.

With today’s internet access, wide calf boots are easier to find. You will also notice that more and more people are wearing boots; thanks to the manufacturers way of thinking. Finding these wide calf boots are easier to find, easier to compare prices, colors and type of materials from the comfort of your own home.

You now have your choice of different styles of boots. You can now purchase a classic looking boot that makes your legs look slimmer and longer.  However; if you want to have the slimmer and longer look, you are going to need to choose the right wide calf boots that not only fit your feet but also your calves. If you shop online for boots, be sure to look for the specialized retailer that sells wide calf boots. 

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