Type Z Liberty Extra Wide Calf – Knee High Western Style Boot

Type Z Liberty
When the fall and winter seasons are at your doorstep, the Type Z Liberty boot is an excellent companion to have when you need to keep your feet warm while remaining as stylish as ever. The colors that are available for the boot include black, brown tumble, and vintage stone. Each of these colors goes well with a number of different outfits, so you will be able to choose the one that will compliment your wardrobe the best. The faux leather upper with a decorative buckle will definitely turn the heads of envious women who will simply have to know where you got them.

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The boot has a design that features a side zipper for easy closure, so you will not have to worry about struggling to get them on before you run out the door. There is also a stacked 1 inches heel, which will be particularly nice if you want to increase your height a little bit. With a shaft length of 15 inches and a circumference of 16 inches, this boot is definitely well suited for women with big calves who need a pair that will actually fit comfortably without being either too loose or too tight.

Boots of all kinds are nothing more than accessories and should therefore be worn with the right clothes to complement and enhance your overall appearance. The Type Z boot can be worn with many different kinds of outfits, and a pencil skirt is a great idea for the fall season before it’s getting too cold. When you find yourself in the midst of winter though, a nice pair of leggings or even skinny jeans can be the perfect way to slim down your legs while drawing attention to your new boots.

This western style boot has an extremely elegant and sleek design that goes great with a long skirt. It is important that you choose the color of your skirt carefully though, cause you want to create a contrast with the boots without mismatching too much. A long slitted skirt can also look very smart with these attractive wide calf boots. Women who wants to look as chic and trendy as possible will find that a midi skirt can also look great with these boots, as they are much fuller and can even be worn in winter.

Whether you purchase Liberty in black, brown, or vintage stone, you will definitely want to keep in mind that the bottom half of your wardrobe is extremely important. Although it is true that there are many different outfits that can be worn with calf boots like these, some women look better than others in certain clothing items. Women with larger calves will find that even wearing a mini skirt is an open with this boot because of how slimming it is on the legs, making them look much longer as well. If you still have yet to find a nice pair of boots to take you through the fall and winter seasons, this one is certainly an option worth considering.

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  1. Alma! i adore this pattern. the clrouos and the detail in the laces etc. adore.Also, this is completely random but this is Amy Speedie, from Sudbury (now living in Arizona)! Totally adoring your work and it’s really nice to see what you are up to.Amy

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