Ugg Rockstar – Stunning Wide Calf Boot With Studs

UggRockstarThe Ugg Rockstar has a soft and smooth leather upper that is incredibly stylish and sleek for women who want project a slender appearance. There is also sheepskin lining which provides additional comfort as well as breathability, which is very important for winter footwear. This particular boot is available in sizes 5-10 and colors including black, chestnut, and grey. The rubber outsole adds durability so it can be used over and over through multiple seasons without significant wear and tear. The shaft measures a length of 12 inches, a circumference of 18 inches, and a heel height of 1 inches.

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Although these boots are designed for comfort, they can still be worn with many different types of clothing items, including dresses as well as pants and a t-shirt as well as a nice sweater to complete the outfit. The Rockstar is an ideal boot for almost any woman who wants winter footwear that is traditionally stylish as well as highly versatile in the different types of outfits it can be worn with. Winter months require warm footwear, and this Ugg boot is a perfect mixture of practical and elegant while still remaining casual in its overall appearance.

The black, chestnut, and grey that this boot comes in are great for winter apparel because they go so well with cooler colored clothes. Although women usually wear jeans with Ugg boots in the winter, these ones can also be worn with different colored leggings. Women who want to wear jeans with these boots will want to make sure that they put on a pair of jeans that flatter their body type, because that is what they will look best with. A neutral-colored blouse is a great addition to these boots, as it can really complete the outfit.

Whether it is trudging through the snow or just going shopping, the Ugg Rockstar boots are suitable for cold and wet weather but can still be worn indoors and in casual social situations. Boots like these are ideal for women who want to slim down their figure while still managing to stay comfortable for long periods of time. Most women have encountered problems with putting on and taking off certain pairs of boots they have bought in the past, but that is not an issue with these because of the zipper closure feature. Overall the Rockstar boots from Uggs are a wonderfully comfortable and stylish choice for women who are gearing up for fall and winter.

Other Ugg Styles:

Uptown 2
Click the image to view the Uptown 2 boot

Ugg - Uptown 2 <-Click Here
Circumference: 16 inches (Size 7 M)
Widths: M
Heel Height: 1 inches
Colors: Black, Chestnut
Price: $230.00

Bailey Bow Tall
Click the image to view the Bailey Bow Tall boot

Ugg - Bailey Bow Tall <-Click Here
Circumference: 18 inches (Size 7 M)
Widths: M
Heel Height: 1 inches
Colors: Black, Chestnut, Chocolate, Grey
Price: $250.00

Click the image to view the Seldon Boot

Ugg - Seldon <-Click Here
Circumference: 16 inches (Size 7 M)
Widths: M
Heel Height: 1 1/2 inches
Colors: Black Leather, Black Suede, Stout Suede, Dark Chestnut Leather
Price: $200.00

Click the image to view Sumner

Ugg -Sumner <-Click Here
Circumference: 16 inches (Size 7 M)
Widths: M
Color: Black, Chestnut, Grey, Chocolate
Price: $200.00




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