Stylish Rose Petals Portland Wide Shaft Boots

Rose Petals PortlandThe Rose Petals Portland boot is an excellent choice for the discerning and fashionable modern woman. These boots come in black softy calf and are available in sizes 6-13. This boot is the very definition of fashion and with genuine leather uppers as well as a full-length side zipper, they are extremely slimming as well as easy to put on and take off. There is also textile lining inside these boots for maximum breathability and comfort, which is something that any woman can appreciate.

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This boot has a shaft length of 16″, a heel height of 3 1/4”, and a total circumference of 19” (size 8.5, width WW). Tall woman who require a wider boot will find that the Portland boot is very accommodating and fits like a glove while creating a uniquely stylish aesthetic. One of the best things about this boot is the slender silhouette that it casts and has the ability to tie together almost any outfit. This boot can be worn with a wide variety of dresses and looks amazing with thin dress socks as well.

Another bonus for women who are looking for a stylish pointed toe boot such as this is the fact that the Portland boot from Rose Petals comes in a variety of widths, including N (AA), M (B), W (D), and WW (EE). It can be a struggle for women with wider feet to find a boot that fits snugly yet still allows them to breathe, but this particular boot is a great combination of style and function. The stretch panel at the top of the shaft of this boot makes it extra flexible and therefore more comfortable than many other boots with a similar design.

The genuine black leather that this boot is made out of can help any woman to achieve a more elegant yet modern look that draws the gaze of almost everyone who walks by, whether it is men or women. Rose Petals is a very well-known brand and has a reputation for producing stylish boots that are made with high quality materials, and this one is no different. Women who purchase the Portland boot are making an investment in their own appearance, enhancing every outfit they wear with them. This boot is a perfect selection for women with wider feet who need footwear that compliments their body type as well as their wardrobe as a whole. A perfect mixture of comfort and style, these boots are a fashion statement in the truest sense.

Other Fashion Styles:

Ivanka Trump Orabell
Click the image to view the Ivanka Trump Orabell

Ivanka Trump - Orabell Wide Calf <-Click Here
Circumference: 16 inches (Size 9 M)
Heel Height: 1 1⁄2 inches
Widths: M
Color: Black
Price: $239.00

Rsvp Wynona
Click the image to view the Rsvp boots

Rsvp Wynona Extra Wide Calf <-Click Here
Circumference: 17 1/2 inches (Size 6 M)
Widths: M,W,WW
Color: Black Micro, Grey Micro, Dark Brown Micro (All Suede)
Price: $89.00

David Tate Darling
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David Tate Darling Super Wide <-Click Here
Circumference: 21 1⁄2 inches (Size 12 W)
Widths: M,W,WW
Heel Height: 2 3⁄4 in
Colors: Black
Price: $229.00

Rsvp Janna
Click the image to view the Rsvp boots

Rsvp Janna Extra Wide Calf <-Click Here
Circumference: 17 1⁄2 inches (Size 6 M)
Widths: M,W,WW
Heel Height: 1 1⁄4 in
Colors: Black
Price: $99.00




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